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OSD.Care Case Studies


CASE STUDYAged Care Boosters

The TaskTo vaccinate residents and staff at Residential Aged Care Facilities that were missed in the first round of booster vaccinations. OSD.Care was commissioned by several Primary Health Networks to sweep through aged care facilities and vaccinate those that had missed out.

The SolutionOSD.Care having identified those that had not yet been boosted was able to rapidly source sufficient vaccine and quickly schedule clinical teams to provide the service. This was particularly important at a time when other vaccine resources were already overstretched and unable to assist this highly vulnerable population.

The ResultOSD.Care has helped fill the gaps in the aged care booster program helping to protect our most vulnerable population from COVID-19. Clinical teams have entered aged care facilities to ensure that those that had missed out on a booster were able to receive the necessary protection.

CASE STUDYIndigenous Vaccination Programs

The TaskWork with Indigenous Community Health Groups to provide vaccination clinics in key regional areas of Victoria and NSW to help increase vaccination rates in vulnerable communities.

The SolutionOSD.Care was able to deploy vaccination teams of doctors and nurses at short notice to areas of greatest needs along with vaccine supplies and portable refrigeration facilities. Working with local health workers it established pop-up vaccination clinics including processing of patient records and upload to the Australian Immunisation Register. Patients with issues or concerns were able to be counselled by clinical staff in a familiar and culturally sensitive environment.

The ResultIndigenous clients in areas with often limited access to alternative vaccine pathways were able to be supported through the process in conjunction with their usual health providers.

CASE STUDYVaccinating the Vulnerable

The TaskTo vaccinate vulnerable homebound individuals who are otherwise unable to access other vaccination facilities. Working in conjunction with local Primary Health Networks navigate often very high care needs with patients and/or carers to arrange for a home visitation by a qualified nurse vaccinator.

The SolutionWorking on referrals from the North West Melbourne PHN the OSD.Care clinical team led by Dr Stuart Garrow would assess the care needs and suitability for vaccination of each individual patient before scheduling a visit. Our logistics team would coordinate visits often working with disability care workers to maximise efficiency and to ensure the cold-chain integrity of vaccines.

The ResultThe program has provided many of our most vulnerable with a clinically rigorous and efficient at-home option to protect them from the worst ravages of COVID-19.

CASE STUDYFoodbank Testing Support

The TaskFoodbank Victoria requested OSD.Care develop a testing protocol to help protect its workforce to help prevent as disruptive outbreak ahead of the vaccination of its staff.

The SolutionOSD.Care sought the approval of the Therapeutic Goods Administration for an innovative at-home testing model that was remotely supervised by our project manager, Dr Dani Gonçalves. Foodbank staff would test at home and images of the Roche Diagnostic test would be sent to OSD.Care along with its QR code for confirmation of the result. Staff were screened at least twice a week with staff with potential exposure tested more frequently.

The ResultThe testing helped prevent an outbreak at the main Foodbank distribution centre in Yarraville when on the first day of testing a staff member tested positive. Foodbank CEO Dave McNamara said the organisation was able to take immediate measures whereas it was several days before the positive case was confirmed by a PCR test. “Rapid Antigen Testing really proved its worth as we were able to react immediately,” he said. Furthermore, he said he was grateful to have had a COVID-19 specialist like OSD.Care to help work through the complexities associated with an exposure.

CASE STUDYCollingwood Booster Program

The TaskAssist the Collingwood Football Club to deliver its travelling playing groups with their required vaccination boosters on club premises.

The SolutionOSD.Care liaised with Collingwood to determine which players and staff required a booster. It coordinated with the club and playing groups, recorded the necessary patient information, scheduled the individual vaccinations, sourced the vaccine and ensured all clinical requirements including cold-chain integrity, were met. OSD.Care also provided an end to end digital service including the creation of patient records and the upload of vaccine details to the Australian Immunisation Register.

The ResultThe OSD.Care on-site booster program ensured the Collingwood AFL and AFLW teams were able to meet the travel requirements of all jurisdictions in Australia with a minimum of inconvenience to the players and support staff.

CASE STUDYPrimary and Special School Vaccination Program

The TaskProvide parents and guardians of children attending primary and special schools with a safe, familiar and convenient alternative for vaccinating children. Assemble a clinical staff with paediatric vaccination training and ensure that all parental approvals are obtained and vaccination details digitally uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Record.

The SolutionParents and guardians were contacted and offered the opportunity to have their children vaccinated at the school. Once the vaccinations were scheduled, permission forms were completed, patient information collected and the vaccinations sourced. Students with special needs or at higher risks were identified and clinical counselling provided as required. Individual doses were prepared off-site with rigid clinical controls ensuring all cold-chain requirements were met. Experienced nurse/vaccinators ensured that the vaccinations were delivered in a professional but supportive environment.

The ResultOSD.Care’s end to end service enabled school administrators to offer parents and guardians a highly supportive and professional on-site vaccination service that expanded and underpinned other vaccination pathways.

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