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Foodbank Testing Support

The Task

Foodbank Victoria requested OSD.Care develop a testing protocol to help protect its workforce to help prevent as disruptive outbreak ahead of the vaccination of its staff.

The Solution

OSD.Care sought the approval of the Therapeutic Goods Administration for an innovative at-home testing model that was remotely supervised by our project manager, Dr Dani Gonçalves. Foodbank staff would test at home and images of the Roche Diagnostic test would be sent to OSD.Care along with its QR code for confirmation of the result. Staff were screened at least twice a week with staff with potential exposure tested more frequently.

The Result

The testing helped prevent an outbreak at the main Foodbank distribution centre in Yarraville when on the first day of testing a staff member tested positive. Foodbank CEO Dave McNamara said the organisation was able to take immediate measures whereas it was several days before the positive case was confirmed by a PCR test. “Rapid Antigen Testing really proved its worth as we were able to react immediately,” he said. Furthermore, he said he was grateful to have had a COVID-19 specialist like OSD.Care to help work through the complexities associated with an exposure.

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