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Primary and Special School Vaccination Program

The Task

Provide parents and guardians of children attending primary and special schools with a safe, familiar and convenient alternative for vaccinating children. Assemble a clinical staff with paediatric vaccination training and ensure that all parental approvals are obtained and vaccination details digitally uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Record.

The Solution

Parents and guardians were contacted and offered the opportunity to have their children vaccinated at the school. Once the vaccinations were scheduled, permission forms were completed, patient information collected and the vaccinations sourced. Students with special needs or at higher risks were identified and clinical counselling provided as required. Individual doses were prepared off-site with rigid clinical controls ensuring all cold-chain requirements were met. Experienced nurse/vaccinators ensured that the vaccinations were delivered in a professional but supportive environment.

The Result

OSD.Care’s end to end service enabled school administrators to offer parents and guardians a highly supportive and professional on-site vaccination service that expanded and underpinned other vaccination pathways.

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