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Delivery of COVID-19 Vaccinations at Your Workplace

We bring our healthcare team to you

Our team is experienced delivering vaccinations to worksites, office and clubs.

Our process is full circle and includes:

1. Patient Consent
2. Bookings and Reminders
3. Vaccine Administration
4. Updating Australian Immunisation Register
5. Second Dose and Booster Reminders

OSD.CARE is a member of the The National Vaccination Administration Partners Program (VAPP) Panel.

CASE STUDYCorporate Vaccination Program

The TaskHelp corporates and other organisations to maximise staff wellbeing and workplace continuity by providing an on-site vaccination service. As an accredited Workplace Vaccination Provider OSD.Care has to ensure that in delivering its service it meets all the program protocols.

The SolutionOSD.Care provides a comprehensive service which can include communicating with staff, education materials and Telehealth consultations, as required. It works with organisations to ensure that vaccinations are scheduled and undertaken in an efficient and convenient manner as part of a health and well-being service. The OSD.Care clinical teams are able to provide a range of face to face and remote health services well suited to the new hybrid workplace.

The ResultCorporates and organisations are able to tangibly demonstrate their concern for the well-being of their staff while increasing workplace continuity and productivity. In the new hybrid work environment OSD.Care enables organisations to provide the type of health and well-being support that keeps staff connected and resilient.

Request Onsite COVID-19 Vaccinations at Your Workplace

What Kind of Vaccination are You Looking For?We come to you to vaccinate your team anywhere in Australia.